Ad Verification and Malware Protection for Desktop, Mobile Web and In-App

Third-party ads can compromise your brand. We guard your content by scanning ads and highlighting any potential threats to you and your users. We are a non intrusive service to protect your digital brand 24/7.

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Non Intrusive

No Integrations - No impact on your users

PubGuard’s test lab simulates your digital platforms without the need for integration. It operates separately from your live content and does not affect your users.

24 Hour Global Protection

Worldwide coverage any time you need it

PubGuard is a 24/7 service ensuring ads are constantly reviewed from any location.

Cross Platform

Protect your desktop, mobile web and in-app content

PubGuard is the first solution to protect your entire digital brand. All screen sizes, resolutions and user experiences are covered.

*Our pricing is based on a cost per scan model. A scan is defined as an ad review from a unique OS version, device and location (e.g. IOS 8.1, IPhone 5s, US, In-App).

Malware Detection

Protection against all forms of malware

PubGuard identifies ads which contain Malware to ensure they don’t get a chance to infect your users.

Post Click Fraud

Identify any misrepresented ads

PubGuard ensures that your ads reflect their landing pages. We protect your users from landing on pages that could damage their computers and discredit your brand.

Adult Content

Stop explicit content reaching your users

PubGuard can flag any nudity or inappropriate content. Adult themed ads that are breaking targeting parameters can also be highlighted.

Competitor Brands

Protect your audience from competitor brands

PubGuard can identify any competitor messaging or imagery. This can protect your customers and any exclusivity deals you have.

Mis-Rendered Content

Ensure your ads are high quality

PubGuard can identify when ads do not render properly or are inappropriate for the ad unit. This ensures that broken ads don’t reflect poorly on your content.

Intrusive ads

Stop ads from alienating your audience

PubGuard can highlight any pop-up or autoplay ads. This can ensure that your content is not impacted by unwanted ads.

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